Rainy Days are For Catching up on Edits, Laundry, and Building Forts

Updated: Jul 22

So its 2:39 a.m. and I can't sleep. (insomniac probs) I am currently uploading client galleries to my web page and I figure while they upload I'll share some pics I took this week.

It has been raining just about every day and my kids have been complaining of "how borrreedddd" they have been. That and eating up everything in the house. I have been getting caught up on housework all week since I spent a great deal of time editing 2 days in a row. I decided to take a break and go play with my kids.

I often get so caught up on my TO DO list that I sometimes forget my kids sometimes just want my attention. It's a balancing act when you work from home, even if its part time because they always want you to be readily available. I pulled out my camera because it has been a while since I have gotten some good pics of the kids playing and I am so glad I did. We spent about half an hour making forts, telling jokes, and having tickle fights. I wound up with a few images I will probably blow up and frame.


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