First Fresh 48 Session

Updated: Jul 22

What is a fresh 48 session? Its a photography session with a newborn where the pictures are taken within the first 48 hours of their life. It is more of a lifestyle type of session than the posed newborn pictures a lot of people have done. These are typically done in the hospital but in some cases they can be done at home. It is a good way to capture the little details like fingers or toes or foot prints, hospital bands, etc.

Birth Photography and Fresh 48 Sessions are something I would really like to get into. I really wish I would have known this was a thing whenever I had my 4 children. Don't get me wrong- I will always cherish their hospital photos, but I would have preferred something like this much more.

I was happy to be able to take some photos for my friend's newborn son last week. These were done 2 days after his birth. He was pretty much asleep most of the time but he did wake up for a few minutes to suck on his hand and stare at his momma. I seriously can't get over how cute he is!



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